Digital investments are growing at different sp...

13/02/2018 - Digital investments are growing at different speeds across Europe

  • In the 26 EU states 1,358 euros were spent per capita in 2017 for IT and telecommunications
  • Considerable growth in US and Scandinavian markets
ICT spending per Capita Last year`s spending on information technology (IT) and telecommunications was increased by 2 percent to EUR 1,358 per inhabitant in the 26 EU states. This matches the average 2 percent growth in Germany where the per capita expenditure amounted to EUR 1,560. These figures are based on current data from the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO). Most generous investor was Switzerland with EUR 3,198 (+ 2 percent). Therefore the Swiss are also leading the global list. The US come in second with a growth of 3 percent to EUR 3,077. Countries in the north and west of Europe can all record a higher per capita invest than Germany: In Denmark, digital investment increased to EUR 2,427 per capita (plus 2 percent), in Sweden to EUR 2,376 (+ 4 percent), in Norway to EUR 2,233 (+ 3 percent), in the United Kingdom to EUR 2,133 (+ 3 percent), in Finland to EUR 2,015 (+ 3 percent) and in the Netherlands to EUR 1,981 (+ 3 percent). The average per-capita spending in Hungary (520 EUR, + 5 percent) grew at an above-average rate, albeit at a low total level. Worldwide, China (293 EUR, + 9 percent), Turkey (252 EUR, up 8 percent) and India (54 EUR, + 8 percent) are among the fastest growing markets.

The distribution and development of IT spending on the one hand, and telecommunications on the other hand, varies widely across countries. In Germany, the majority was emitted in IT (855 EUR, + 4 percent), while spending on telecommunications stagnated (704 EUR). Strong growth in IT spending was recorded in Sweden (1,456 EUR, + 5 percent) and Norway (1,333 EUR, + 5 percent). Ireland also posted above-average growth (732 EUR, + 8 percent). IT investments in the Baltic states of Estonia (224 EUR, + 7 percent), Lithuania (165 EUR, + 5 percent) and Latvia (158 euros, + 7 percent) are also developing significantly.

“The enormous structural differences that continue to exist within the EU are particularly evident in IT investments,“ says Bitkom Research Managing Director Axel Pols.


Note on methodology: ICT expenditure per capita is the total ICT market (expenditure of enterprises, consumers, public sector) in relation to the population. The data is based on the latest data from the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO). Further market research on ICT market 2017/18 is available here.


Dr. Axel Pols, a.pols[at]