Slight growth in digital investment

13/01/2017 - Slight growth in digital investment

  • Per capita spending on IT and telecommunications in Germany is rising to 1,565 euros
  • Significant increase in the US, Japan in the negative
ICT spendings Per Capita 2016

In Germany, expenditure on information technology (IT) and telecommunications per inhabitant in 2016 rose by 1 percent to EUR 1,565. This is reported by the digital association Bitkom on the basis of current data from the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO). In the EU average, the year-on-year comparison also rose slightly by 1 percent to EUR 1,365. The largest amount of money worldwide was spent in Switzerland at EUR 3,240, the value of which remained almost unchanged compared to 2015. The background is also the high price level there. This is followed by the US, where EUR 2,963 were spent on IT and telecommunications per capita. This represents a significant growth of 3 percent. Among the EU countries, for example, Denmark (2,413 EUR almost unchanged) and Sweden (2,323 EUR, + 1 percent) are ahead of Germany. This year's CeBIT partner country Japan had to accept a minus of 1 percent to EUR 1.492. The trend is similar to the US, but at a much lower level, with Lithuania (412 EUR), Latvia (405 EUR) and Romania (260 EUR), China (276 EUR, + 3 percent) and India (48 EUR, + 5 percent).

There are also significant differences in the distribution and development of per capita expenditure by area: in 2016, the Germans invested more in IT (838 EUR, + 3 percent), but spent less on telecommunications (726 EUR, - 2 percent). "The growing IT investments are driving the productivity of companies," said Bitkom CEO Bernhard Rohleder. "In weaker digitized economies, the share of telecommunications spending is usually much higher." The example of Japan shows that even highly-technological companies are not likely to rebel in international competition.


Note on methodology: ICT expenditure per capita is the total ICT market (expenditure of enterprises, consumers, public sector) in relation to the population. The data is based on the latest data from the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO). Further market research on ICT market 2016/17 is available here.


Franz Grimm, f.grimm[at]