India fastest growing ICT-market - USA overtake...

13/12/2016 - India fastest growing ICT-market - USA overtake China

Berlin, 13. December 2016

According to a new EITO study, global sales of information and communication technology products and services are growing by 2.1 percent this year to a total of 3.1 trillion EUR. This means that the market will perform better than had been expected in June. For the coming year the experts even forecast a growth of 2.5 percent.

As the strongest driver of this positive trend, information technology continues to show increasing sales, particularly in software. IT sales in the coming year will grow to EUR 1.4 trillion worldwide.

According to the experts, the telecommunications market will continue to grow (+ 1.5 percent) and sales will reach around 1.8 trillion euros this year. Unlike in the past year, in 2016 it is mainly the telecommunications services that drive this growth. On the other hand, sales growth in the area of telecommunications infrastructure is rather disappointing (+ 0.9 per cent), since double-digit growth rates were achieved in previous years. For the coming year, a growth rate of more than 2 percent is expected again.



     ICT Market Report 2016/17 Update

International comparison of ICT growth rates

In an international comparison of ICT markets, as in the past year, India is leading the field in terms of growth rates. However, sales are growing significantly slower than before - plus 4.7 percent in 2016 after plus 11.9 percent 2015. With an increase of 3.2 percent, the USA is currently in second place in the EITO growth ranking - ahead of China. This growth is driven primarily by rising IT sales (+ 4.3 percent). The business with software services (+ 9.0 percent) is particularly well. In the coming years, the experts are forecasting growth rates of more than 7 percent for this business segment, which will thus play a major role in the development of the US IT market as a whole. It remains to be seen to what extent the upcoming change of government in the US will affect the national or even international market for information and communication technology. Germany takes the 11th place in the EITO ranking, with a growth of 1.0 percent.


EITO India vs. China vs. USA Growth rates


The data is based on the current EITO study "ICT Market Report 2016/17 Update", which is published by Bitkom Research and provides market figures for a total of 36 countries.