International ICT market growth stronger than e...

15/12/2015 - International ICT market growth stronger than expected

Berlin, December 15, 2015

Sales of information technology and telecommunications products and services across the globe are expected to increase by 3.8% to €2.81 trillion as the year progresses. In June, the European IT Observatory (EITO) assumed that the growth rate would only be 3.1%. In the coming year, the growth rate could level off at 2.6% plus, in accordance with current EITO predictions.

Mobile data services drive the telecoms market
In 2015, the telecommunications market has experienced stronger than average growth, with a rise by 4.3% to €1.62 trillion, in accordance with current predictions. While telecoms infrastructure sales have risen by a massive 9.9% to €463 billion, in contrast, telecommunications services sales have only risen by 2.2% to €1.16 billion. The market growth forces in this case are mobile data services, with a growth rate of 9.2% to €324 billion.


     ICT Market Report 2015/16 Update

IT: Software experiences major increase
The global IT market should increase by 3.1% to €1.19 trillion this year. There are significant differences among the segments. While software sales have increased by 6.8% to €331 billion, IT hardware sales have stagnated at €339 billion. IT services have experienced a growth rate of 2.8%, to €515 billion.


International growth: India overtakes China
By comparison internationally, the Indian and Chinese markets are among the markets with the strongest growth rates. In India, ICT expenditure is expected to rise by 9.8% to €52.4 billion as the year progresses. With regards to growth, this puts India ahead of China, where sales of ICT products and services are expected to rise by 8.1% to €328 billion. In the past, the Chinese market grew almost twice as fast (at 11.3%) as the Indian market (+6.5%). The Indian ICT market has recently been given a boost by the strong development of the country's overall economy; as a result of low energy costs and attractive domestic consumption, the Indian economy is growing faster than the Chinese one for the first time since 1999.


"With the exception of Russia, the IT market in the BRIC states is still growing at a much faster rate than the international market. This is good news for these aspiring national economies, and should strengthen European businesses' interests in these markets," says Axel Pols, head of EITO.

The information is based on the current EITO study "ICT Market Report 2015/16 Update", which is distributed by Bitkom Research and provides market figures for a total of 36 countries.