ICT spending per capita: Germany above EU average

09/03/2015 - ICT spending per capita: Germany above EU average

  • 1,500 euros were spent per capita for high-tech products and services in Germany in 2014
  • International comparison puts this figure in perspective

Berlin, 9 March 2015

Relating a country’s ICT spending to the number of inhabitants brings interesting insights – or would you have guessed that China’s ICT per capita spending amounts to less than 10 percent as compared to the US? In Germany the average ICT spending per capita amounted to 1,476 euro last year, 1 percent up from 2013. Total ICT spending was split almost equally between information technology (52 percent) and telecommunications (48 percent).

Germany’s per capita spending is considerable higher than the EU average (1,182 euro) which in turn is higher than spending in Spain (904 euro) and Italy (876 euro). France (1,413 euro) spends about as much as Germany per capita while the UK (1,912 euro) ranks above the other EU countries. 

Note the sizeable differences once you look beyond Europe: in the United States ICT spending related to the number of inhabitants amounted to 2,468 euro. This compares with just 230 euros spent per capita in China – which can be read as an indicator of the existing growth potential. 

Moreover, in 2014 the Chinese ICT market ranked among the fastest growing regions worldwide: China, this year’s CeBIT partner country, registered an increase of 15 percent. Communications technology and services alone amounted to 247 billion euro in 2014, four times the size of the German telco market. 

Data are based on the latest EITO study “ICT Market Report 2014/15 Update“ published by Bitkom Research, which provides market data for 36 markets.

ICT spending per capita

Dr. Axel Pols, a.pols[at]bitkom-research.de