High-tech industry marks 5 per cent growth worl...

04/04/2013 - High-tech industry marks 5 per cent growth worldwide

  • EU sales is expected to grow by 0.9 per cent
  • China replaces Japan as largest national market second only to the US

Berlin, April 4, 2013

The high-tech industry keeps driving international growth. International spending for IT and telecommunications is expected to increase by 5.1 per cent to reach 2.7 trillion Euro in 2013. The countries with the strongest growth rate are India (13.9 per cent), Brazil (9.6 per cent) and China (8.9 per cent). The USA are expected to achieve a plus of 6.5 per cent. ICT markets in Japan (1.4 per cent) and the EU (0.9 per cent) have a significantly weaker rate. This is the verdict reached by the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO) in its new publication ‘ICT Market Report 2013’. "The perspective of a 1-percent growth within the European Union is almost positive for the current year", says Dr. Axel Pols, Chairman of the EITO Task Force. The EU commission expects a slight downturn for the European economy on the whole.

"There will be a changing of the guards in the ranking of the countries: China overtakes Japan and is the second largest national market for the first time" says Pols. The US is on top with a share of 26.8 per cent. China follows with 9.5 per cent and Japan with 8.3 per cent. The European Union holds a world market share of 21.8 per cent, Germany holds a world market share of roughly 4.5 per cent and ranks fifth behind Brazil with 5.0 per cent.

The methodology: The new >> ICT Market Report 2013 < < by the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO) is available for ordering from the EITO online portal (www.eito.com). EITO provides current data on the global markets in information technology, telecommunications and consumer electronics, and is a joint project of Bitkom Research GmbH and market research institutes IDC and GfK.

Dr. Axel Pols, a.pols[at]bitkom.org

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