Global ICT market grows by 5 per cent

28/09/2012 - Global ICT market grows by 5 per cent

  • High growth rates in emerging markets -
  • Germany boosts the Europena IT market Germany boosts the European IT market
  • Japan suffering from the effects of the natural disaster

Berlin, September 28, 2012

Despite the European finance and banking crisis, the global ICT market remains on a stable course of growth with global sales predicted to grow by 5.1 per cent this year to 2.57 trillion euros. At five per cent, both the large segments of information technology and telecommunications are on a strong course of growth. At the regional level, however, market performance couldn’t be more at variance. The industry is booming in the emerging nations while it is stagnating or even shrinking in Western Europe. This is the verdict reached by the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO) in its new publication ‘ICT Market Report 2012/13’. “Mobility is the strongest market driver in the technology sector,” says the President of BITKOM, Prof. Dieter Kempf. In industrialized nations the trend towards mobile data use is creating additional sales in telecommunications. In emerging countries, mobile phones, laptops, tablets and the like have actually become the central point of access in the use of IT. “The emerging countries are investing massively in their mobile ICT infrastructures and expanding their capabilities in this area,” says Kempf.

Emerging nations already account for more than a quarter of global ICT demand this year (27 per cent). By 2020 that figure is set to rise to almost half. The Chinese market is forecast to grow this year by 12 per cent, to 220 billion euros, and will displace Japan as the world’s second-largest ICT market.

Western Europe has the lowest growth rate of any region. ICT sales there are set to rise by 1.2 per cent to 617 billion euros – provided the euro crisis doesn’t worsen. Growth of 1.4 per cent is expected in 2013. Kempf: “Many western European markets are suffering a great deal from the euro crisis, with only eastern Europe growing at a similar pace to the global market. At plus 1.6 per cent, Germany is another positive exception and is acting to stabilize the European ICT industry”.


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Andreas Streim, EITO Press Spokesman,

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