Press Releases 2010

Press Releases 2010



Here is an overview on our press information released in 2010.


22/12/2010 - European ICT market on the up

  • Overall growth of 1.5 percent in 2011
  • IT increase of 3.9 percent, telecommunications increase of 0.8 percent
  • Global boom in information and communications technology

08/12/2010 - Mobiltelefoner boomer i Danmark

  • Omsætningen på mobiltelefoner og smartphones vokser med ti procent i 2011
  • Også markedet for informationsteknik og telekommunikation som helhed er kommet til kræfter igen

08/12/2010 - ICT-markt in Nederland trekt aan

  • Stijgende vraag naar software en IT-services
  • Cloud-computing trend
  • Opleving bij verkopen van personal computers

02/12/2010 - Cambio de tendencia en el mercado español de las TIC

  • Mercado de alta tecnología estable en 2011
  • Las tecnologías de la información vuelven a crecer un 2,7 por ciento
  • 20 por ciento más de ordenadores personales vendidos en 2010
  • La facturación de smartphones crece un tercio

01/12/2010 - Les Français achètent de nouveau plus d’ordinateurs

  • En 2010, le chiffre d'affaires réalisé dans le secteur des PC a augmenté de 10%
  • Raisons: la baisse des prix et le besoin d'investissement des entreprises

30/11/2010 - Chiffres d'affaires record pour les ordinateurs en Belgique

  • En 2010, le chiffre d'affaires réalisé dans le secteur des PC a augmenté de 10%
  • Raisons: la baisse des prix et le besoin d'investissement des entreprises
  • En 2011, le marché des TIC retrouvera son niveau d'avant la crise

25/11/2010 - IT hardware boom in the UK

  • Sales in 2010 grow by 11 per cent
  • Consumer electronics stabilise after years of decline
  • Positive trend on ICT market as a whole

23/10/2010 - I PC portatili promuovono il mercato italiano high-tech

  • Dieci percento di crescita del fatturato per i PC portatili
  • Nel 2011 il mercato TIC si svilupperà meglio di quanto atteso

19/11/2010 - Boom bei Mobiltelefonen in der Schweiz

  • Umsatz mit Handys und Smartphones wächst 2011 um zwölf Prozent
  • Auch der ITK-Markt insgesamt hat sich wieder erholt
  • IT-Branche verzeichnet überdurchschnittliche Zuwächse

27/09/2010 - Strong growth in market for consumer electronics

  • EITO expects growth in sales of 3.1 per cent in the EU
  • Surprisingly strong sales of flat screen televisions
  • New momentum thanks to digital television

11/08/2010 - More than five billion mobile phone users

  • Number of mobile phone subscribers has doubled in five years
  • Some 800 million UMTS subscribers worldwide
  • Strong growth in China, India and other emerging countries

28/07/2010 - Sales of Blu-ray players set to break all records

  • EITO forecast: sales set to double in the EU to 4.6 million units
  • Unit prices will fall by a quarter across Europe
  • Germany and the UK pegging level in sales

21/07/2010 - Market for MP3 players in decline

  • Both turnover and sales figures drop by 14 per cent in the EU
  • Trend towards multi-function devices
  • Great Britain the largest individual market

07/07/2010 - Mercato italiano de TIC ancora in lieve flessione

  • Il settore dell’informatica tornerà a crescere a partire dal 2011
  • Lettori blu-ray e smartphone in cima alla classifica dei prodotti più richiesti

30/06/2010 - Sales record for digital set-top boxes

  • EU market is growing by almost 10 per cent
  • Massive differences within Europe
  • Hybrid TV and HDTV support the positive trend

07/06/2010 - Stimmung in der Schweizer Hightech-Branche hellt sich auf

  • Nach dem Krisenjahr wieder Umsatzwachstum in der Informationstechnik
  • Viele Unternehmen sind bereit zu Investitionen
  • Hohes Wachstum mit Datendiensten in der Telekommunikation

03/03/2010 - New data and insights on international ICT markets

  • ICT revenues increase by 1.9 percent to 2.3 trillion euros
  • IT expenditures are on the rise again in the industrial countries
  • Drivers of growth are the emerging countries of China, India and Brazil

19/01/2010 - Sales record in flatscreen TVs in Europe

  • Some 50 million flatscreen TVs will be sold in the EU in 2010
  • Major sporting events and HD-TV provide purchasing incentives
  • Prices for flatscreen TVs continue to fall