Market for Blu-ray players in Europe is booming

21/04/2009 - Market for Blu-ray players in Europe is booming

  • EITO forecasts 125% growth in sales in the EU in 2009
  • Blu-ray is establishing itself as the successor to the DVD
  • Better picture and sound quality

Berlin, April 21, 2009

The European market for DVD players with high definition picture quality is expected to increase in 2009 by 125 percent, to reach a total value of around €519 million. The international market research institute EITO announced this today in Berlin. "Blu-ray is establishing itself world-wide as the successor standard to DVD," said EITO Chairman Bruno Lamborghini. "With the end of the battle between formats last year, users can now plan with confidence." This is giving the new technology a strong push forward. The number of items of equipment sold this year will increase at an even faster rate than the total turnover. According to the EITO forecast, around 2.1 million Blu-ray players will be sold in the European Union. This is equivalent to an increase of 179 percent compared with last year. To this should be added several million Blu-ray drives which will be built into games consoles and computers. In buying this equipment, consumers are profiting from sharply reduced prices. Simple Blu-ray players are already available on the market at prices beginning from €150. Beside Blu-ray the download and streaming of films via internet become more and more important in the digital movie industry.

Blu-ray offers users many advantages in comparison to normal DVDs. Thanks to the greater storage capacity of the Blu-ray disc, films can be stored with a higher resolution and better sound quality. "Films in Blu-ray quality allow pin sharp pictures and sound equivalent to being in a cinema", said Lamborghini. "With Blu-ray, consumers can at last take full advantage of the technical possibilities of a flat-screen television." The difference to the old DVDs will be particularly noticeable on flat-screen televisions with large-diagonal displays. At present far more than 1000 film titles are available in Blu-ray format across Europe in the broadest variety of languages. To these, 50 to100 new films are being added every month. At the same time, the new-format DVDs are less susceptible to damage and more durable than conventional DVDs, thanks to a better coating. "Film fans can build an archive without having to worry that data will be lost or that the quality will diminish in the course of time", said Lamborghini.

The largest single market for DVD players with high-resolution picture quality is Great Britain. Here, turnover for Blu-ray players is growing in the current year by 141 percent, to €171 million. This is followed by Germany, with an increase of 113 percent, to €93 million. The market in France will reach € 83 million (plus 82 percent), Italy, €22 million (plus 123 percent) and Spain, €11 million (plus 56 percent).


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Maurice Shahd, EITO Press Spokesman,   

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