Press Releases 2009

Press Releases 2009



Here is an overview on our press information released in 2009.


08/12/2009 - Britain's ICT market set to take off again in 2010

  • Recovery of general economy stimulates high-tech market
  • Companies want more IT
  • Boom in mobile data services for mobiles and notebooks

12/11/2009 - ICT market is set to stabilise in the EU in 2010

  • Only a slight drop of 0.5 per cent in the coming year
  • Telecommunications only mildly affected by the crisis
  • Demand for information technology is about to recover

29/09/2009 - Emerging nations driving global high-tech markets

  • Strong growth in the BRIC countries in spite of economic downturn
  • Increase in revenue most significant in India up 10.5 percent
  • Lamborghini: "Countries are getting into shape ready for the next upturn."

03/09/2009 - Global telecommunications increasing slightly

  • Telecommunication services growing despite the global financial crisis
  • Large amount of growth in emerging markets India, Brazil and China
  • New momentum through smartphones and mobile data services

07/08/2009 - More than four billion mobile phone users worldwide

  • Two-thirds of the world population use mobile phones
  • Strong growth in newly industrialized countries
  • Mobile data services winning through in Europe, Japan and the USA

23/07/2009 - Mobile data services are booming throughout Europe

  • 10% growth in the EU in both 2009 and 2010
  • Great Britain is the largest market in Europe
  • Smartphones driving mobile Internet usage forward

24/06/2009 - European ICT market to resume growth in 2010

  • EITO forecast: Recovery soon to follow sales decline in 2009
  • Data services a fast-growing telecommunication segment
  • Firms affected by crisis hesistant to start new IT projects

15/06/2009 - Le marché français de la haute technologie continuera à progresser en 2010

  • EITO: Croissance dans le secteur des télécommunications malgré la crise économique
  • De nombreuses entreprises investissent plus prudemment dans les projets informatiques
  • Fort recul de l’électronique de divertissement

15/06/2009 - El mercado español de alta tecnología continuará creciendo en 2010

  • EITO: Crecimiento de las telecomunicaciones a pesar de la crisis económica
  • Muchas empresas invierten con más cautela en proyectos de TI
  • Destacable retroceso de la electrónica de consumo

10/06/2009 - Schweizer Hightech-Markt stabil in der Krise

  • EITO-Prognose: Umsatz auf dem Niveau des Vorjahres
  • Viele Unternehmen sind beim Start neuer IT-Projekte vorsichtiger
  • Hohes Wachstum mit Datendiensten in der Telekommunikation

10/06/2009 - Il mercato europeo dell’high-tech crescerà di nuovo nel 2010

  • Previsione EITO: La diminuzione registrata nel 2009 a livello di fatturato sarà seguita da una pronta ripresa
  • Molte aziende sono più attente nell’avviare nuovi progetti IT
  • Crescita elevata dei servizi dati nella telecomunicazione

05/05/2009 - Decline in market for consumer electronics

  • EITO expecting 9 percent reduced turnover in Europe
  • Consumers benefit from falling prices for innovative products
  • New impetus from home-networking and HDTV

28/04/2009 - Sales boom for flat-screen televisions in the EU continues

  • EITO expecting increase of 3.1 percent to around 42 million sets
  • Average prices to fall from €723 to €629
  • Differing tendencies in the larger member countries

21/04/2009 - Market for Blu-ray players in Europe is booming

  • EITO forecasts 125% growth in sales in the EU in 2009
  • Blu-ray is establishing itself as the successor to the DVD
  • Better picture and sound quality

06/04/2009 - Record turnover for Internet connections

  • EU market growing by 8.4 percent in 2009 to €37.9 billion
  • Users benefit from falling prices and increased bandwidth
  • Further development of broadband networks is necessary

13/02/2009 - Data services give the wireless market momentum

  • World market in wireless communications to reach €578 billion
  • 16 percent growth in mobile data services
  • Great Britain largest market in Europe