EITO Task Force

EITO Task Force


EITO Task Force Meeting Istanbul, May 26-27, 2011

The EITO Task Force is instrumental in guaranteeing the quality of EITO data and analysis. Its role is threefold:

  • Evaluation of ICT market data provided by research partners
  • Discussion of major ICT market trends
  • Development of EITO content (special studies, surveys, etc.)

The members of the EITO Task Force are ICT market experts, having in-depth knowledge of specific market segments and countries included in EITO reports. EITO partner organizations and associations and EITO sponsors have the right to nominate experts for the Task Force. In addition, the OECD and the EU Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry, DG Information Society and Media) participate in the work of the Task Force. Moreover, there are a number of invited experts contributing to EITO as members of the Task Force.

Members of the EITO Task Force

Name Organisation Country
Cimorra, Antonio AMETIC Spain
Dragomir, Valerica ANIS Romania
Eleftheriadou, Dana European Commission DG GROW The European Union
Fier, Andreas Deutsche Telekom AG Germany
Finger, Yann DIGITALEUROPE Europe
Grimm, Franz Bitkom Research GmbH Germany
Muckly, Pierre SWICO Switzerland
Pols, Axel Bitkom e.V. Germany
Rivière, Loïc TECH IN France France
Rognone, Tiziano ANITEC Italy
Sirros, Yannis SEPE Greece
Slaets, Patrick AGORIA Belgium
Zörényi, Balázs European Commission DG Connect The European Union